Germania (single)

by Darryl Blood

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Our old pal Darryl Blood‘s “Germania” does a great job of packaging an earnest expression of incredulity and horror at our current situation with a simmering groove that keeps your head nodding with the rhythm even as it’s shaking at – well, pick a reason to shake your head these days. His low-key, deadpan vocal delivery perfectly offsets the gravity of his words and lets the smoking instrumental track carry us along. The world may be falling apart around us, but at least we can dance while we bemoan it, right? But Darryl’s not as resigned and fatalistic as all that. “We can’t back down, we gotta rise up now,” he sings at the close. “Stand together as one and be united.” Here’s hoping.

-Levi Fuller

Purchase a physical CD on Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, Vol #47


released August 6, 2017

Darryl Blood - Vocals, guitars, bass
John Burke - Drums, spoken word
Recorded & mixed at Black Apple West, CA; JAN '17



all rights reserved
Track Name: Germania
"Germania" (D. Blood)

I can’t believe we've come so close, and yet so far
Look at what you’ve done mass majority
You willingly put him in charge

He’s only out for himself, he doesn’t care for our health
He wants to be on top and have the power

He only seeks to divide and give license to hate
That will germinate and bloom like a flower

One step back, two steps more
Let’s settle the score, we can fight it

We can’t back down, we gotta rise up now
Stand together as one and be united